Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TK's American Cafe

I have been a pretty big fan of T.K.s for as long as I've lived in New Haven. It's kind of a dive frankly, but their wings are really good and I absolutely love their Chicken Fingers.

Foremost a sports bar, T.K.s has tons of TV's, several of which are right at the tables so you can watch whatever you want. They have a big patio that is good for nice summer evenings too.

What matters most though in this discussion is their happy hour - which is stellar! Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days because 7pm until midnight you can get wings for $.20 each and pitchers of miller lite for $7. I usually get a pitcher, 10 wings and a basket of fries and its just about $10. Can't beat that.

They used to have a deal where you got your age in free wings and a bottle of champagne on your birthday but I believe they have cancelled this or at least severly cut back on what you get - 12 free wings maybe?

Regardless, don't expect a glamorous experience but do expect a good deal on some tasty food and drinks.

You can view all of T.K.'s in New Haven's happy hour specials by clicking here.


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