Friday, July 14, 2006

Salty Dog Saloon in New Haven

Even though I can practically see the Salty Dog Saloon from my apartment, I have only been once. This isn't necessarily for lack of trying - twice I tried to go and was turned off by the long line to get in before I finally sucked it up and waited my turn.

After finally getting in (it was a Saturday night) I expected the bar to be spectacular given the lines it always has. I must say I was fairly unimpressed. It was much too bright for my tastes. It's in a warehouse-like setting with high ceilings and lots of open space but it still felt cramped. The clientele was a very strange mix of college age kids and 40 something.

I had heard about the mechanical bull and was excited to see it in action - I think due to the bright lights and strange mix of people this failed to meet my expectations as well. Regardless with $2 PBRs all the time I think I will certainly have to try it out again, maybe they'll turn down the lights and make it feel more like a bar. You can check out its specials by clicking here.


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