Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BAR at 254 Crown St.

Bar is an institution in New Haven. Many would argue that they are number 4 in line for the best pizza in town (behind Pepe's, Sally's and Modern Apizza). I definitely enjoy their pies, and I love that I can get a slice by the bar in the front lower lever at seemingly anytime.

Lately, I've been heading over to BAR on Saturday nights for their open bar from 10pm until 11pm. It's a $6 cover but once you're inside (I've never dealt with much of a line) you head back to the dance floor/back bar and it's a very good open bar for that late at night. Domestic bottles and rail drinks are totally free and the bartenders are quite generous - you can just go up and ask for several. I definitely have to recommend this New Haven landmark for any Saturday night - the place is still pretty empty at 10pm but by 11pm its really starting to get moving.

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